Structured Settlements And annuity payment

images-1 Structured Settlements And annuity payment

Structured settlement and annuity payment. 

Structured settlement is still another yet to be understood Topic and aspects of the insurance services,

Structured settlement : 

Its the Agreed and negotiated Financial arrangements to Resolve A personal injury claim, By Receiving part or all of a settlement in the form of periodic payment, on a well agreed schedule Rather than As  a lump sum,

Structured settlement were first been introduced in the insurance company in Canada, Were it was used to pay part of Settlement of claims  ,

made on behalf of children affected by Thelidomide, 

Annuity payment, 

images Structured Settlements And annuity payment

Its a collaboration and agreement on a certain amount to be paid for period of Annual,

Example of Annuity payment. 

images-3 Structured Settlements And annuity payment

Benefits of Structured settlement

— structured settlement help to claims compensation Based on insurance or insured individuals,

— Structured settlement works with Law claims to reduce Bulkness,

— Structured settlement, claim suit and law claims Help promote peace.

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