Popular Actress Tanya Robert Dies At 65

Charlie’s Angels entertainer and Bond young lady, Tanya Roberts, has died on Sunday at 65 years old. Tanya fell on getting back from strolling her canines on Christmas Eve. She was rushed to a medical clinic where she was put on a ventilator before she passed on. Although the cause of her death hasn’t been released, it is supposed to be non-Covid related.

“I’m crushed. She was splendid and delightful, and I feel like a light has been removed. To state, she was a holy messenger who would be at the first spot on the list. She was the best individual you’d actually meet and had an enormous heart. She cherished her fans, and I don’t think she understood the amount she intended to them,” her long-term companion Mike Pingel disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Born Victoria Leigh Blum, Roberts began her career as a model before breaking into films. A 30-year career in movies and TV followed. She had starring roles in the cult favorites “The Beastmaster” and “Sheena: Queen of the Jungle.” And she appeared in several well-known TV shows of the time, including “Fantasy Island,” “The Love Boat,” and one season of “Charlie’s Angels” as one of the three principal characters.

Then came her most iconic role until that point. In 1985, she played geologist Stacey Sutton in ‘A View to a Kill,’ opposite Roger Moore in his final outing as 007.
She then earned a new legion of fans during her turn as Midge, Donna Pinciotti’s dimwitted mom, in “That 70s Show.” But she suddenly left the sitcom in its fourth season to tend to her now-late husband who had been diagnosed with an illness. (She returned in later seasons as a recurring character.)
Her last on-screen appearance was in 2005 in the TV series “Barbershop.”
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