My Parents Didn’t Name Me Chimamanda – Popular Author Ngozi-Adichie Says

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The multiple award-winning writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has revealed in a BlackBoxInterview hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu for Bounce Radio Live, that she was conceived Ngozi Adichie and that the name Chimanda wasn’t given to her by her parents. “I made up the name,” she says, “It happened in the blink of an eye before my first novel was distributed. I was conceived Ngozi Grace; my mom is Grace. Growing up, I generally felt that I was not Grace. That was my mom and Ngozi felt excessively regular to me. In grade school, I was Ngozi.”

“One of the delights of Catholicism is that you will pick a name when you get affirmed. I thought about a name I could pick yet the cleric said it must be the name of a Saint.”

“Individuals were picking absurd names like Bernadette. I read a novel and there was a character called Ama

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

nda. I pick the name. The cleric said it was anything but a holy person’s name however I told the dad that it was the name I needed.”

“I was Amanda at affirmation. I was Amanda from auxiliary school till my first year at the University at Nsukka when I was contemplating medication,”

At the time she headed out to the United States of America, she said that the name Amanda didn’t appear to be interesting to her any longer.

“At that point, I went to the US. About a month into my time in the US, I was in class as an undergrad and there were around five individuals with that name, Amanda. It was not one of a kind any longer and the manner in which it was articulated put me off. I felt that was not me. I began pondering how I could change the name; recall that I had just changed my name from Ngozi to Amanda.

“For some time, I will combine both. I will call myself, Amanda-Ngozi in light of the fact that I truly needed them to realize that I am not Amanda (one of them). It was additionally a learning experience for me since what you believe is cool in Nigeria, out of nowhere I thought, this is hogwash, needing an English name,” she said.

The Half of a Yellow Sun essayist said that she ached for an Igbo name instantly before her first novel was distributed and after many ideas, the name went to her. Because of the way that the name Amanda was on the vast majority of her record, she needed to think profoundly about an Igbo name that had ‘Amanda’ in it, consequently, the name Chimamanda came to the front.

“Not long before my novel was distributed, I was thinking and I recollect precisely where I was the point at which it came to me. I am not an individual who is given to this sort of Pentecostal talk however it seemed like a disclosure, it truly did. I was in my sibling’s home in England, in their minuscule guestroom, lying on a tight bed considering the way that my novel will be distributed and I would prefer not to be acquainted with the world as Amanda. I needed an Igbo name however I didn’t need Ngozi in light of the fact that I didn’t feel like Ngozi; it felt excessively normal. Ngozi, I believe is a flawless name yet it is so normal and it didn’t feel like me.

“I recollect simply lying there and it just came to me, Chimamanda. Coincidentally, when I was thinking about a name, I might have quite recently picked an Igbo name yet I needed a name that had Amanda in it so I would not need to change my identification. I previously had this personality; I had an identification, driver’s permit, a ledger with that name. Along these lines, it was truly about how I could clutch that name however make it Igbo,” the author said.



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