How To Japa Comot From Naija For This 2022

Migration is the relocation of a person or group of people from one locality to another with the intentions of settling in a new locale. This may be for economic reasons, persecution, famine, poverty eradication and natural disaster or just out of curiosity.

Background Information:

Migration is natural and it has been going on since time immemorial. The history of migration dates back to when our ancestors moved from the forest to the Savannah.

People migrate for various reasons, some are economic while some are cultural and some are out of persecution.

Today the world is faced with unprecedented levels of human movement due to war, famine, poverty or even natural disaster among many other factors.

The tradition of migrating for whatever reason is not only seen in the western part of the world but also very prominent in developing countries especially Africa.

Today, people are moving from African countries to Europe. Many want to go there because of the welfare system that exists which provides health care and other social benefits to citizens that fall into certain income brackets or categories.

Most African migrants move through the Mediterranean into Europe. For example, an estimated 150,000 – 600,000 people went from Libya to Italy in 2014.

Most of them are looking for a better life and a safe place for their families to live however many end up dying at sea due to shark attacks among other things.

The Schengen visa is a short term, single entry visa for the Schengen Area. It allows its holder to enter and leave the Schengen zone multiple times without restrictions.

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How To Travel From Nigeria To Finland?

Many Nigerians would be excited about traveling or migrating to Europe especially Finland because it is one of the top countries where migrants are granted citizenship.

Some Nigerians would want to apply for schengen visas however schengen visas can be obtained in your country of origin, therefore if you live in Nigeria then you will have to travel all the way to Finland to obtain schengen visa before traveling there.

The Schengen Visa is also very difficult to get. It is only issued to applicants that are traveling together or if your spouse or family member already lives there then you can apply for schengen visa there.

To travel from Nigeria to Finland, the Nigerian passport holder should have a schengen visa before leaving the country. The schengen visa allows its holder to enter all schengen countries and stay there for 90 days within a period of six months.

Every schengen country has its own schengen visa application portal where you will apply for the schengen visa. You can access their portals here:

You should keep in mind that each schengen country has different schengen visas and it is your responsibility to know which schengen visa for which country you want to apply.

The schengen visa application process is very tedious and it will cost you a lot of time and money so prepare adequately before applying. You can google schengen visa blogs or schegen visa forums where people share their knowledge about schengen visas. [END

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