Amazing! Four [4] ways to clean your teeth with banana peels.

Four amazing ways to clean your teeth with banana peel.

Although  it sounds strange ,but today I will enlighten you on how to clean your teeth naturally with banana peel.

Many have brown teeth , but after reading this post, and you follow up the instructions you will have your sparkling white teeth!

1. peel the banana.

Get a ripped banana and peel it out from the eatable part.

2.Rub the inside of the peel against your teeth.

For up to ten minutes ,rub the banana peel against your up and down teeth,till they are completely coated in banana layer.

3. Brush your teeth .

Once after the rubbing of peel against your teeth ,get a dry tooth brush and don’t use paste. Brush the banana paste layer into your teeth .


4.Repeat the same process .

For it does not work for one day treatment ,so keep doing the same above

Process , for some days .

Then come back here and drop your

Testimony .

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