Friday, November 27, 2020
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Floyd Mayweather expresses his love for his daughter Jirah.


Floyd Mayweather expressed his love for his  daughter Jirah Mayweather and promised to always be there for her.

Jirah is a well-known cheerleader in her school and has participated in several cheerleader competitions.

Floyd Mayweather was there to support Jirah over the weekend while his team competed at the Cheersport National Championships, a national cheerleading competition.

Sharing a photo he took with Jirah Mayweather in his cheerleading costume, the former professional boxer wrote:

Milan @ JirahMayweather I’m so proud of you! God really blessed me with a beautiful angel! Keep working hard and always know that you can achieve whatever you intend to do. You will always be a winner in my eyes and if God does not allow you to fall, keep in mind that your Father will always be there to pick you up!

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