Drug and Alcohol Rehabitation.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol and drug rehab 

Alcohol and drug rehab, Is A situation where by the Addict of Alcohol or Drugs is been giving Care, in order to prevent Him or her from Been Addict,


Below are the method involve in Alcohol and Drug  Rehab,

1,Medically monitored Detoxification .


– Its the process of Ensuring A safety withdrawal from Drugs or Alcohol By Inpatient or outpatient and still the Addict comfortable,

2, Continuing Care (Gradual Process) 

The Addict either inpatient or outpatient continue the intake of the Drugs or Alcohol But in lower Quantity, Till the Addicts is been denied of the drugs or Alcohol,

It’s often Referred to As the Gradual method.

3, Inpatient Drug and alcohol  Rehab treatment, 

Its the process whereby the Addict is been Restricted from movements and Taken to the Rehab center for A period of time for full treatment,


4,  Outpatient Drug and alcohol  Rehab Treatment, 

This process, the Addicts goes from his or home to the Rehab center, Daily, weekly or monthly, for treatments.




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